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Happy Holidays!
Christmas is such an exciting time of year, seeing old friends, and family members from far distances, makes the anticipation of our favorite holiday even more fun! Hot cocoa, warm cozy fires, new fallen snow, and all the hustle and bustle that surrounds this holiday, makes it my favorite. The glow in my grandchildren’s eyes when the talk about what they want Santa to bring is just priceless. Let us all not get so caught up in all the shopping and socializing, that we forget the true meaning of the holiday, and share that with our children and grandchildren. Jesus is the reason for the season. I love the way our church looks on Christmas Eve night with the glow of all the candles, and the smell of the pine boughs hanging so gracefully over the doors of Gods House, and the sound of the organ playing all my favorite Christmas Hymns. I wish for that wonderful feeling all year long. The big pile of torn paper in the middle of the room after all the long thought out gifts have been unwrapped is almost sad as I see the big day is coming to an end, but then I smile to myself knowing that the new year’s shopping and planning is just beginning for the next family Christmas, and all its wonder and joy. Merry Christmas All!