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My Beautiful Daughters Wedding Day.


Beautiful Hues

Don't you just love Hydrangeas? I know I do. As soon as I meet with a Bride and she mentions blues or purples, these gorgeous flowers pop right to mind. Full and lush, they make gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces and look lovely tied to the end of a pew with a simple fabric ribbon. This photo really shows not only the depth of color but also the variety of color from bloom to bloom. As shown here, these are all mostly on the same plant of the same variety. If you are looking for a perfect match and to have the blossoms all the exact same shade, hydrangeas might not be for you. I personally think that the randomness of the color is exactly what makes these flowers so gorgeous. Haven't considered hydrangea for your wedding? Perhaps I have changed your mind? Visit our wedding website and check our all our beautiful wedding bouquets incorporating these beauties!

Valentines Day

How sweet love is! Whether your special someone is your spouse, bestfriend, child, or just a really sweet neighbor, the best way to say "you're my bestie", is with flowers!! We have flowers for all budgets. A cute candy bouquet, a mini margaritta made of flowers, a dozen roses arranged in a beautiful ruby red vase, or even a cute/cuddly teddybear will speak volumes to your sweetie. We are out in full force on Valentines Day delivering all those special wishes to all your special someones! Call ahead for our special VDay Deal. And on a personal note, Happy Valentines to all my family, friends, customers, and fellow florists!

Welcome New Year!!!

Happy New Year! The new year brings so many expectations and opportunities, which makes it both inviting and adventurous! We have moved our business closer to home - West Wichita - which is finally soooooo much easier for me. After driving to Downtown Wichita for the last 20 years, it is such a welcome relief to be closer, and have the ease of being within just minutes of home. This is going to make those late 2am "pre-holiday" nights so much easier! The new year will hopefully bring great things for us all! The economy is still tough, but we have all learned to adapt. Our DIY bridal program has been such a blessing to all our Brides, whom would not have been able to have the dream wedding they so wanted with our economy being the struggle it has been the last 3-4 years. It has been a real fun experience for us, and is now become a permanant oportunity for our Brides. It is surely the silver lining (that's always in there somewhere), we just had to seek it out, and put it into motion. God is good. Have a blessed New Year, and always look to the future, for the past is but just a memory, and the present is God's gift of here and now.


Happy Holidays!
Christmas is such an exciting time of year, seeing old friends, and family members from far distances, makes the anticipation of our favorite holiday even more fun! Hot cocoa, warm cozy fires, new fallen snow, and all the hustle and bustle that surrounds this holiday, makes it my favorite. The glow in my grandchildren’s eyes when the talk about what they want Santa to bring is just priceless. Let us all not get so caught up in all the shopping and socializing, that we forget the true meaning of the holiday, and share that with our children and grandchildren. Jesus is the reason for the season. I love the way our church looks on Christmas Eve night with the glow of all the candles, and the smell of the pine boughs hanging so gracefully over the doors of Gods House, and the sound of the organ playing all my favorite Christmas Hymns. I wish for that wonderful feeling all year long. The big pile of torn paper in the middle of the room after all the long thought out gifts have been unwrapped is almost sad as I see the big day is coming to an end, but then I smile to myself knowing that the new year’s shopping and planning is just beginning for the next family Christmas, and all its wonder and joy. Merry Christmas All!

"Borrowed Bride Boutique"

Over the last year, partly due to the current economy in the USA, we have seen first hand, that life doesn't always happen the way we plan, and even a dream wedding can become a financial nightmare! We understand, and want to help. To that end, we have launched a new program to help our Brides ease the financial stress of their weddings. The "Borrowed Bride Boutique". (A little room in our shop that will have lots of wedding "odds-n-ends" for you to borrow). This program will allow our future Brides to borrow such items as: Vases,Bows,Silks,VaseStones,Ribbon,Candles, etc. from our Borrowed Bride Boutique for NO...CHARGE what-so-ever. Borrowing. We are currently accepting donations of items from past Brides that they have/had leftover from their own weddings. We appreciate all donations! What a great way to "give back" to future Brides who need a little extra $$ help. In addition, we have made available for the Borrowed Bride Boutique many of our own vases, vasestones, bows, pewclips, etc., for borrowing. We truly do LOVE our Brides!! We realize that servicing our customers is about long term relationships, and not just about dollars, but more about "cents"(sense) - it just make good "sense" to pass on to one and other the help in life that we all need sometimes.....a "pay it forward" so to speak. Forming friends and relationships that last beyond the moment, but for the future, when a Bride who was helped may be able to help another Bride. **This program will be open to and help ALL our Brides.** It will help ALL Brides, but even more so, those Brides who have special financial circumstances or who have events in their lives which have caused them financial distress. In the past, we have had Brides whom have had unexpected tragedy in their lives such as - lost their jobs, a parents job, home eviction, $$ they put down on venues that swindled them, family deaths, unexpected pregnancy, etc...the list is quiet long. We wanted to fill a need to help these Brides still have the wedding they dreamed of, without the financial stress. We are honored to be a part of Brides helping Brides. Please feel free to ask about this borrowing program when you come in for your consultation, as we are happy to pass along the savings!!!!! We want you to feel free to borrow any of the items in our Borrowed Bride Boutique for your own wedding, and we are happy to lend them!!! Our past Brides are happy to pass along to you the items they have donated for your borrowing, and I am sure God will richly bless them for their kindness. What a fun and awesome program for our Brides!!!! Thanks Ladies!! You all rock!!! I hope this program grows and grows, and blesses many Brides. Also, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful donations!!!!

Welcome Fall!

Wow! It's hard to believe summer is behind us and fall is bursting out everywhere. The evening air is getting brisk, and the trees are adorning their beautiful coats of orange and red leaves. Fall is so spectacular and vibrant. The soft warm glow from the outdoor fire pit is so a relaxing in the evening with a warm cup of coffee, and the aromatic smell of the applewood burning. My favorite time of year. My fall Brides are the lucky recipients of the seasons most beautiful and vibrant colors of the entire year. Fresh flowers during Sept. and Oct. are the richest, darkest, most beautiful shades mother nature brings forth. Working with the autumn flowers also allows us to add the elements of wheat, cattails, and pods, that bring fun texture to everything. Love the Fall!!! Adorning our homes with pumpkins, gords, and Halloween decor is to much fun too! Life slows down a little with the kids back in school, and we can take in all mother natures wonderful beauty, as well as the aromatic smells of good home cooking in the kitchen with all the windows open and the fall breeze blowing in. Enjoy lifes little pleasures, and slow the pace down over the next couple months, as the holiday season will be here all to soon, and Old Man Winter will come stormin' in and put a chill on our cheeks. Enjoy a cup of your favorite expresso, and reminise about the summer days gone bye. Goodbye Summer. Welcome Fall!

Wedding Season!!!

My favorite time of year is finally here! I love June - it's the official kick of of Wedding Season! I have so much fun doing's so joyful watching my Brides and their excitement when they see their bridal bouquets. Their happiness is quit contagious! Each bouquet I create is so very different and unique from the other, just like my Brides personalities! It has been really rewarding recently to do the wedding flowers for 5 of our local Wichita Photographers weddings - that was especially exciting for me, because I realize that these photographers have seen every floral shops work all over Wichita, and chose us to do their own weddings!!....What an honor that is!...Thank you guys! I am very passionate about my brides, and believe that if my own daughter wouldn't carry it, my Bride isn't going to carry it....I make sure every bouquet is picture perfect, and as beautiful as if my own daughter was going to carry it down the isle! Please visit our wedding website @ and allow us to be a part of your special day!


Being a mom is the most challenging and yet rewarding job ever!! I have been truly blessed with all three of my children and five grandchildren (they are the true reward!), and also very blessed to have them all right here in my hometown to love and enjoy. It is amazing to watch their ever changing lives, and smile @ the things that mirror my own lifes experiences. The things that when your young seem like the end of the world, are only fading memories as you age....the messages your parents tried so hard in vain to get across to you, you find yourself preaching. Interesting how things really do come full circle. My children have all made me very proud, and I am sure that I don't tell them enough, but hope they see it in my heart and eyes every time I look at them. My best little buddies are my grandchildren, and the really awesome thing is that grandchildren find no fault ever with anything you do or say....their love is so truly unconditional...they don't have to ever be angry or blameful for any of th silly mistakes you make as a parent to their own and learn! Hope your Mothers Day is as awesome as I plan on my being, and don't forget to hug all your children and grandchildren and tell them how much you love them!!!

Spring Flowers

Oh my isn't the smell of spring rain so refreshing....nature cleansing is pallette and getting ready to wow us with the beauty of her new patchwork of color. I love all the tulips and daffodils poking their little heads up, looking for the bright sun to bask in, and pretty little girls to snatch them up and take them in to momma! So revitalizing after the long winter. The renewing of earths great wonders is fun to watch....even the little momma birds are chirping with delight. Oh, and the best smell of all is a good old fashion hamburger on the grill with fresh tomatoes from the garden....lifes simple pleasures.....God is good!

Faith/Baby Karsyn

We did the funeral flowers this week for the 10mo. old baby whos life was taken at the hands of his mothers boyfriend. Sometimes in life we ask God why such tragedies are allowed, and I am left with the conclusion that it is not for us to know. I do know however, that every once in a while, I am very grief striken myself when I have to sit with the family of an unexplainable death, and plan flowers for their memorial. In this case, the Grandma of this precious little boy is a friend, and it made it even harder....the Grandma is so grief stricken, that it is heartbreaking. She decided to incorporate some of the little angels toys into his casket spray, and when she brought them to us, it was very emotional. Having grandbabies myself, I just could not grasp how someone could do this to a tiny little baby, especially a trusted family friend, and how the family must be so traumatized. When she came in to plan the funeral flowers, I told my friend that I would pray for her, and she replied, "please do" I am asking that if anyone is reading this message today, say a quick little prayer for this lady.....she is good, and kind, and needs to know that her precious grandbaby is watching over her now, and life will go on even though the hurt in her heart will always be there. I could not help but hold my own grandbabies a little tighter and kiss them a jillion extra times when I saw them this weekend and everytime I looked into their sparkling little eyes, I said, "thank you Lord for these blessed babies", and please comfort all the grieving grandparents everywhere.

Happy Easter!!

Our Savior has risen!!! Have a blessed holiday and remember how Jesus gave his life for our eternal life ever after. I am looking so forward to sharing the day with my family...especially my precious grandbabies!!......The ham is in the oven and the eggs are hidden with all their little treasures waiting inside for tiny little hands to find and retrive them. Can't help but remember being a little girl myself, and being so excited to wear my new Easter hat each year - to bad that tradition has long passed, along with many others. But, new traditions make up for old, and time passes on. Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to pause and take in all the smells and sounds of Easter and give thanks: "Thank you God for the ultimate sacrifice"..........Amen

I Love you Sweetheart!!

A picture is worth a thousand words!!!....I love this old says it all!!......Being in love and sharing your life with your special someone is so rewarding. Creating memories and building your dreams together is such a wonderful journey!......Being married for 20 years to my special guy is a wonderful adventure.....more like a roller coaster ride than a carousel....just the way I want it to be...never boring - always a twist and turn at every corner!! Sharing my love of the foral industry with my husband is amazing..... sharing my passion and love for flowers with someone who has the same interest as myself makes it even more special.......Building our business as well as our lives together is as wonderful and rewarding as it is scary and stressful..............but you deal with the bad and treasure the good. We are so blessed to be able to work together and take this journey hand in hand.....I love you Steve!!!!!

Love is in the air!!!

The sweetest day of all is upon us....Valentines!!! Show your love just how much you care with a flower bouquet or candy arrangement from the flower factory! Our dozen long stem roses arranged in a vase pre-ordered for only 49.99!!!! WOW!! What a happy fun day to show everyone in your life just how special they are!

Christmas is Coming!!!!

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! I love the holiday season....the cool crisp air, the pretty lights, and the smell of pine from the Christmas greens! Everyone is so happy and loving at Christmas...I wish for everyone for that happiness to carry throughout the whole year...let's hope the new year brings hope for all our unemployed struggling families here at home, and God Bless our troops away from their families protecting us here in our wonderful USA. Let's not loose sight of the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of our beloved Jesus - He is the reason for the season! What a blessing to have family and friends gathering for the holidays, and to read the story of Mary and Joseph, and realize that Christmas is not just presents and food, but a time of celebrating the life of our Lord Jesus. Have a blessed holiday season all!!!

Thanksgiving is truly a time to be thankful....

I love the beauty of the fall flowers and the brisk cool evenings with the smell of a lit fireplace. God is truly good, and his beauty is everywhere.....Let us all give thanks for his abiding love and the gathering of our families for thanksgiving fellowship.

Fallin' for Fall!!

I love the season of fall......the cool brisk air, the vibrant colors of all the fall flowers, and the smells of hot apple cider, and homemade pumpkin pie!........Halloween is so much fun and seeing all the children in their costumes brings back so many wonderful childhood memories - pillowcases full of candy!!.............such fun!!
Here is one of my favorite Halloween arrangements:

Summer Fun!!!

Aaahhhh.........Summer Fun, Schools out, and the days are longer! Looking forward to backyard cook-outs and enjoying the beautiful warm starlit nights. Chillin' by the pool and catchin' up on some gardening! A cold margarita puts anyone in the summer spirit! Check out this really cool flower margarita in .....awesome @ only 29.99!!

Fathers Day

What a cute idea for Fathers Day!

Adorable!! This is so perfect for Mom!

Momma's Hands

Wow! It's hard to believe Mothers day is fastly approaching! Funny how we really don't appreciate our mothers until we ourselves become Mothers.....And then, when you are young and busy raising your children, you don't realize that those will be the years you look fondly back on. Here's a poem that really touches my heart: Mommas Hands: My hands were busy through the day, I didn't have much time to play. The little games you asked me to, I didn't have much time for you. I'd wash your clothes, I'd sew and cook, But when you'd bring your picture book, And ask me please to share your fun, I'd say "A little later son". I'd tuck you all safe at night, Hear your prayers, turn out the light, Then tiptoe softly to the door, I wish I'd stayed a minute more. For life is short, and years rush past, A little child grows up so fast. No longer are they at your side, Their precious secrets to confide. The picture books are put away, There are no children's games to play. No good-night kiss, no thoughts to hear, That all belong to yesteryear. My hands, once busy, now lie still, The days are long and hard to fill. I wish I might go back and do, The little things you asked me to.

Happy Easter!!

I just love's the beginning of Spring, and a time to reflect on all that God has blessed us with. The smiles of the children hunting for eggs, and the wonderful gathering of our family for Easter Church Service and then a big dinner. Welcome Spring!! Thank you to all our customers for your patronage and to our Great Heavenly Father for blessing us with a job that we truly love! May you and your family have a blessed Easter.

The Holidays Over!!!

Whew! Another big floral holiday is behind us (The big "V"), and a time to look forward to the coming of springtime. Easter is such a wonderful time of the year - not only to celebrate our religious traditions, but also our family ones. Being in the floral business is not always as hectic as Valentines, and the beautiful "hatching" of spring gives us a time to slow down a little and literally smell all the wonderful the fragrant Easter Lillies, Hyacinth, and Daffodils. What a blessing to be in the floral business at Easter, and meet so many people of all faiths celebrating in their own way with everything from palm leaves to Lillies.